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iMovies24 the powerful DVD kiosks software

An overview of the features

iMovies24 is a powerful management software, suited for any DVD kiosk operator, that allows the complete management of the product database, the users database and transactions .

iMovies24 has the ability to generate statistics and reports on available products, on products rented , on product sold, on users and revenue per period. iMovies24 provides the necessary support for the monitoring of the daily activity.

Rates Management:

  • Ability to set rates for credit cards
  • Ability to set rates for prepaid membership cards

Product Management:

  • Ability to manage DVDs, Blue-Ray Discs, Games
  • Ability to manage movie download by USB 3.0 downloading port
  • Allows to enter the product information: eg. poster, trailer, plot, actors, product specification.
  • Allows to enter the products by genres, categories, subcategories, and change the categories of the products: for example, from New Release to Product Catalog.
  • Access to the Databank with a database of over 35,000 posters, titles, descriptions, plots and multimedia files
  • The dynamic storage management, allows to load approx. the 25% of products more than the physical space available
  • The Returning Box allows the eject of the products in case the dynamic storage is full, and allows the eject of the products with fewer rentals

User Management:

  • User data management
  • Allows to assign a login and/or password for each user to access to the DVD kiosk and/or to access to On-line Reservation system.
  • Allows to monitor the transaction of each user, to get statistics of the most rented products of each user, allows to assign restrictions for each user
  • Ability to handle the credit cards for both the DVD rental and for the purchase of any other product. This means that any user can decide whether to rent and / or purchase any product by using the credit card
  • Ability to send the transaction receipts by e-mail and alarm messages to the operator in the case of out of order of the DVD kiosk
  • Real Time Tracking of all tasks. All activity is stored in .log files, available at any time by the operator.