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About us

Manufacturer of automated vending machines since 2004 and with thirty years experience in the field of industrial mechanics, MGT Italia based in Italy Rovereto (Trento), has always focused on technological innovation, studying, designing and producing highly advanced machines in both mechanical and software, for the automated dispensing of products of various genres and sizes, suitable for use in various industries, from pharmaceutical and hospital to the industrial and entertainment, such as dvd vending machines. With the experience gained in the deployment of thousands of systems exported to over 10 countries, MGT Italia has the technical edge and human resources necessary to deliver a 24 hour working system, even managed remotely via the Internet, and in the simplest configuration appropriate to the needs of each customer. MGT Italia is oriented to a serious investment policy, aiming to refine and continuously increase its offer in terms of products quality of services, with spasmodic attention to the real needs of its customers.