MGT Italia grows in USA

MGT Italia has signed distribution agreements with major operators in the US vending industry. The aim is to further consolidate the presence of all MGT Italia's product range in the American market. MGT Italia is already widely known in the United States for quality and reliability of its automated vending machines (DVD Kiosks) and software iMovies24, which is already operating in over 50 locations.

iMovies24 an easy and intuitive software

More and more operators choose iMovies24 to manage their park of DVD vending machines. iMovies24 is simple and essential for a detailed management of titles, users and transactions. Developed in according to the US standard, iMovies24 today is having more and more consensus by small and medium operators in all over the world. This confirms that the simplicity and efficiency it is the primary aspect for the succesful of a new software.

MGT Micro 532 DVD kiosk

The new year has started with a great success for MGT Italia, by launching worldwide a new model of DVD rental kiosk. MGT 532 Micro DVD kiosk, is designed to meet more and more pressing demands of the Italian market and in particular the UK, US and Australian markets. MGT 532 Micro DVD kiosk is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it is a perfect solution to be adopted at the gas stations, shopping malls, convenient stores and self-service restaurants. To find out more ... »

iMovies24 & Credit Cards

iMovies24 has been developped in according to the US market requirements. It has integrated the fully functionality to manage the Credit Cards. iMovies24 uses the most secure method of credit card transactions. The credit card numbers are not stored locally and are encrypted in all transactions going to and from the bank.